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Cindy White~Brandon Kaut & Shannon White\'s mom

Memorial created 09-9-2007 by
Amy Renaud
Emily Kiya Mackenzie Renaud
September 2 2005 - June 22 2006

They say the eyes are windows into the soul...

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Emily Renaud, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Emily's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Emily forever.


These little fingers touched all of our hearts

Emma was born on September 02,2005 after a very difficult pregnancy. We almost lost her a few times but even then she was a fighter. At two weeks of age we discovered she was having seizures that were going to make life very difficult for her. The seizures impared her mobility and even her swallowing and sleep. There were so many people that helped her through her brief life. They all fell in love with her, as we had on seeing those big blue eyes so full of love and happiness. Even though she had so many terrible days in the hospital filled with needles and tests, she never failed to be patient. She would look at us with such trust, that I think the tests hurt us more than her. As Emma older we gradually got into a routine of emergency hospital visits, doctor appointments and therapists. Every one who met her became attatched to her. So on June 22,2006 at 9 months and 20 days it was a terrible blow to everyone when she died. What started as a normal day became a brutal nightmare that I want so much to wake up from. Emma had a seizure that interrupted the electrical signal to her heart. She was rushed to the E.R where they tried to restart her heart but eventually failed. She fought for eight hours to stay, but in the end I think she was so tired of fighting, that she had to let go. At 5:22pm what was a beautiful angel became an empty shell and there was no bringing her back. Her funeral was filled with the many people who loved her. Doctors and therapists and all of her family from far and wide. We were all there to tell her that we would see her soon and that it was okay to go. She was buried with her favorite stuffed frog, her favorite quilt that my mom made her and her soother. Everyone who attended put a pink rose on her casket before it was covered. There was also letters from everyone telling her how they felt and their favourite memories so that she could know how much she was loved. Emily never got to have her first birthday cake or to go to the prom or get married, but instead she gave us all something precious to hold onto. Until we meet again. Love Emma's Mom-Amy


This memorial was fully sponsered by another angel,Cindy White~Brandon Kaut & Shannon White\'s mom. Without her help this would not be possible. We believe the more of you who see her and the more of you who fall in love with her, the closer she remains to us all. Thank you all so much for visiting her, and for all your thoughts and prayers. They are a comfort to us. I want all of you to know that i think of your angels too when i think of my angel.


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